When you follow your bliss, the universe will open doors where there were only walls”  Joseph Campbell.

As a second generation New Zealander, (a Pakeha of Aotearoa, Land of the Long White Cloud), my people are from England on both parents sides, and with some French Huguenot ancestry threads on my mother’s side. My daughter as a future ancestor adds Te Aupouri / Te Rarawa to our line.

With gratitude to my teachers over the years: John Broomfield (NZ) , Kevin Turner of the Foundation of Shamanic Studies (Bali) , Mohan Rai (Nepal) ,  Elisabeth Madarasz (NZ), Christina Pratt, Maris Bergrune and Daniel Foor (USA).

Shamanic Journeying sessions give clients the tools to receive regular guidance from the shamanic counsellors of non-ordinary reality. As in dream work, the answers lie within, private sessions teach journeying methods to resolve unanswered questions, release limiting beliefs and receive practical wisdom, enabling the client to move forward with ease and confidence.

Commitment to the transformative process creates the intent to shift outdated attitudes and responses, overcome constraining fears; thus creating new patterns of possibility, play and potential.

Shamanic Healing sessions are capable of facilitating a catalysing healing process creating gentle release of negative emotional experiences. Soul loss results in vital energy continuing to be siphoned off into past situations, shamanic healing centres one into a present power-filled state of being.

Journeying sessions follow your personal intention and focus, with my oversight.  While you are journeying I am able to work energetically;  healing,  soul retrieval or ancestral healing may be indicated – wherever I am shown attention is calling. For more on the beautifully profound work of Soul Retrieval see the menu page.

I suppose I’ve always wondered how much of my own journey work is actually daydreaming or the mind inwardly examining archetypes. However working with you, it was completely different; healing happened… there’s doubtless something way more tangible going on.” SB

“This younger (me) is feisty, funny, extremely inquisitive and honest. We shared lots of conversation on the way home, slow to start but we are just finding our way together again, so no rush and I am enjoying the gradual integration. I think she is making sure it is safe to stay…I am feeling honoured that she has joined me again and I feel the integration is getting much stronger so with respect and love we (these two pieces of me) continue to become one.” JM

A healing may also clear  energetic toxicity, cleansing the client, and freeing them from any psychic dross so easily collected in our people filled city life. Our own toxic thoughts may add to this depletion, a reminder to us all to live according to the adage – ‘ do as you would be done by.’  Be wise to the thoughts you send…

To book shamanic journeying sessions for dream work or healing;  please email adamashealth@gmail.com    or contact via this site’s Appointment page.      Sessions are 1.5 hours and cost $160.    Available online or in Kapiti. 

Many people are aware of extraordinary shifts after the first session. However, follow up sessions are vital for continuing healing and integration. Creating a solid commitment for healing is crucial for self-care and creating lasting results.