No one can or need tell you what to know or believe, because you know profoundly and simply though your own direct experience”.  Susan Mokelke President FSS

Soul Retrieval is an ancient shamanic practice introduced into modern Western healing traditions by Carl Jung, and more recently by the anthropologist Dr Michael Harner. Jung’s psychological research highlighted humanity’s malaise as directly related to an alienation from soul- full- ness.

Traumatic events may be the triggers for a soul part to leave for its survival – e.g accidents, operations, grief and stressful relationships. Symptoms of soul loss include low self-esteem, anxiety, apathy,  low resistance and malaise. Feelings of emptiness may be covered up with addictive behaviours, eating disorders and a life of feeling elsewhere, not truly in one’s body.

In my practice I have found soul retrieval has proven to be a profound healing experience with the capacity to transform past traumas into sources of illumination. An invaluable intercurrent to homeopathic treatment,  as to heal we must be in our bodies. If healing necessarily requires spiritual work, soul retrieval recovers the client’s power from past events, restoring vital energy and retaining it for the creative present.

My shamanic practice is guided by the protocol and ethics of The Foundation of Shamanic Studies ( FSS). With heartfelt thanks and respect to my significant  teachers along the way – John Broomfield, Elisabeth Madarasz, Kevin Turner, Mohan Rai and Daniel Foor.

“As people feel more present in their bodies and in the world, they become more conscious of behavior that might be out of balance and disharmonious. When we are numb we might be aware that things in the world are not right but we can easily distract ourselves from feeling a need to change. When we are fully “inspirited” there is no place to retreat to and we are more inspired to change our lives.” Sandra Ingerman