Homeopathic medicine is unique in its focus on exploring the deepest source of the client’s condition to restore vitality and integrity. The majority today focus primarily on their physicality, believing an act of will in changing diet, exercising more etc will bring the desired result. While healing is certainly in the client’s hands; working with a homeopath to open up to self awareness through the prescribing of the potentised remedy brings relief to symptoms while highlighting areas of necessary change to occur for lasting benefit.

Homeopathy addresses the whole person, whatever the physical, emotional or mental manifestation; homeopathy listens to the expression of the entire system and prescribes the indicated remedy to restore health.

Often quick fix therapies mean relapsing of symptoms is an ongoing state of affairs, while pharmaceuticals also bring unwanted side effects. Often when someone consults a homeopath they have tried numerous therapies from doctors to counsellors with varying and limited success. When an illness has been years in the making, homeopathy unravels the ensuing chaos; as it gently, and effectively strengthens the immune system, releasing attitudinal perceptions that lock the condition in.

Homeopathy over time brings self awareness to the precipitating factors causing one’s condition and to any maintaining influences which necessarily must be removed for healing to occur. These could take the form of ingested toxins the client is especially sensitive to – allergens, coffee, alcohol etc or situations that prevent health; for example a toxic workplace or relationship. Health returns by bringing the client into balance, allowing adaptability to return in response to environmental factors, emotional triggers and in general to life events.

Healing is all about bringing one’s own authority back into the mix and making responsible choices for optimum health. Historically clients are in general used to handing over authority to a health professional – with minimum input or decision making from the patient. Take a pill  and it all will hopefully go away…  Recognising the role the individual plays in their own healing and the co-operative venture it involves is crucial to successful healing outcomes.

When making a commitment to homeopathic treatment, allow at least 6-12 months plus of consultations (generally monthly then longer as symptoms ease). Regular ongoing sessions continue the healing process, freeing limiting perceptions of disease or victimisation. The process involves learning to trust one’s own perceptions and choices; observing and noting changes while highlighting areas where more attention is required. Dream work is often a crucial adjunct to homeopathic treatment, with the exploration of significant dreams overlaying the need for a remedy prescription at times. As one’s inner world shifts to renewed confidence and joie de vivre, the outer world begins to reflect this in the flow of occurrences, revealing the true beauty of homeopathy’s healing scope.