Pauline Wilson
Classical Homeopath
B.A.(Hons) L.C.H.(UK.) RCHom    Mobile :  027 712 7128—Holistic-Health-Service/Adamas-Health-291476734912532/

“The world we live in is in the words we use…” Wittgenstein

My journey with Homeopathy began by consulting a homeopath during my travels in India, then with my training in London in 1980. After graduating I set up practice in New Zealand and have spent the following years expanding and refining my knowledge. I have learnt from many inspired homeopaths, Misha Norland, George Vithoulkas and the Bombay School under Dr Rajan Sankaran. A tutor at the Wellington College of Homeopathy for 21years, and a registered member of the NZ Council of Homeopaths.

Homeopathy differs from other therapies in that there is no diagnosis, interpretation or judgement of the client’s story. Simply put it is a process of matching of the whole symptom picture to that of a particular remedy. However this entails the prescriber to be clear and fully receptive to the information given to enable an unprejudiced prescription. It is here that the beauty of the homeopathic consultation emerges as the person relates their suffering describing a symphony in words, the language used takes the homeopath to the true simillimum, and the client takes home a complete composition. Often the journey is a process of gaining deeper insights and profound wisdom with successive consultations, with finishing touches added over time. Continually striving for the best results for clients I prefer to spend an initial consultation time of up to 2 hours to allow for the true nature of the person and thus the remedy to be revealed.

The homeopathic remedy Adamas symbolises the strength of a balanced whole, integrating both female and male energies, connecting yin and yang as complementary aspects of an individual. Recognising health as the interplay of the two, where power resides in acceptance of what may have been denied or judged negatively about oneself, and is given validity. Healing occurs when an individual stops battling and embraces their nature, celebrating the potency of self knowledge. Adamas was made from diamond dust obtained from a London jeweller and triturated to homeopathic potencies, proved by Jeremy Sherr in 1994.