During COVID19 Orange alert level – all appointments are online via skype or zoom.

I choose to live my life free from discrimination; according to my awareness, and mindful of my blind spots. So it is, I am ethically unable to use any system of vaccine passport that creates segregation; implying entitlement towards a specified class of persons over another.

This results in the necessity of all future consultations to be conducted online; and therefore, inclusive of all – including unvaccinated and vaccinated persons. Until the discriminatory system of segregation and divisiveness of our country at present is thrown out I will continue to bring my homeopathic knowledge and expertise, and my trust in the heartfulness of humanity to my healing practice.

May we all be self-aware and intelligent, critical thinkers as we seek the healing asked for in these uncertain times. Remembering our interconnectedness with all living beings while receiving the learnings inherent in these times.

“When will our conscience grow so tender that we will act to prevent human misery rather than avenge it?” Eleanor Roosevelt

Online consultations – Tues, Wed and Thursdays. 

E.mail:  adamashealth@gmail.com

Mobile: 027 712 7128



One thought on “Contact

  1. Hi Pauline
    Thank you for your consultation last Thursday. I am certainly feeling a heap better. . After speaking with someone who had the same treatment as Benjamin is going to have he told me the steroids that they used did not stop the nausea so at Bens Onocology appointment today I told the consultant I would be offering complimentary
    Medicine to Ben and before I could say anything else to my surprise she said I am fine if you would like to use homeopathy. I have left some information with her about tissue salts. Please could you assist me with homeopathic treatment for Ben. If that’s alright with you what’s the next step..

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