All workshops are held in Thorndon, Wellington; with a maximum of 8 participants.    Use the Appointments page on this site to register, or email Pauline at

 NEW-2019!! Clearing Ancestral Energies – Pre-requisite is Death and Beyond Workshop

Shamanic Dream Workshop Sunday August 19th  2018  9.30 am – 3.30 pm     $130 Early bird rate $110 if paid by  July 22nd.

Experience shamanic journeying and the multi-dimensional worlds of shamanic “dreamtime.”

A day spent exploring the elusive language of our dreams. We will be using shamanic techniques to communicate directly with your individual dream symbols, identifying their essential message and bringing their creative energy into consciousness. Journeying will take you to the Lower World for a power animal retrieval, the Upper World for guidance and the Middle World for dream re-entry. Raise your spirits and spend the day learning new ways to access your deeper sources of inner wisdom.

Dreams guide us to re-connect with soul, to confront illness and heal, to transform our demons into allies and bring our shadows into the light of day. World spiritual traditions heed the significance and insight transmitted through dreams. Shamanic journeying to the dream source empowers the dreamer to be their own shaman – to bring back the dream’s message, offering solutions to then decide on an appropriate course of action. Prepare for a turnaround, to change your perceiving – “it’s just a dream” becomes “trust your dreaming.”

Feedback from the Dream Workshop: “I have experienced such a sense of freedom, re-connection and well-being within myself since the workshop with you. It feels like there’s been a deep fundamental shift that I can’t understand or put into words except to say whereas I felt I was being drowned by the wave before, now I feel I’m riding the wave again.” HW

The Trickster and Shadow – keys to transformation – Sunday  September 2nd 2018 $130 Early bird rate $110 if paid by August 3rd.     9.30am – 3.30pm

When trickster shows up, watch out! Life is calling out for change, trickster turns things on their head, and creates laughter in the absurdity of the melee.

Using shamanic journeying the workshop explores trickster archetypes, and unearths shadow at play – those blind spots bumped into time and again while continually denying they even exist. A surprise package of personal hidden gems to integrate and  bring to life .

Advanced ‘Soul Regroup’ – Healing Heart Sunday October 7th 2018  9.30 am -3.30 pm.  $130.00 early bird rate $110 if paid by September 1st.  9.30 am – 3.30 pm   The pre-requisite for this is Soul Retrieval Workshop

Shamanic healing is spiritual heart based healing, when we heal ourselves and others to be fully themselves, the ripples of spiritual well being manifest in our physical lives, in our community and the planet. If it is our responsibility to live a spiritual life, then shamanic awareness teaches us to respond with compassion in all situations.

The workshop focus is on shamanic healing techniques for self and others. Working with one’s personal compassionate spirit helpers we learn to divine where healing is required, neutralising negative energy blocks and patterns. Familiarization with  extraction techniques and soul retrieval as an integral component of shamanic healing is the basis of the day..

An opportunity also to develop distance healing as a group, a fascinating exercise in the connectivity of  group journey work, where overlaps confirm and extend capabilities.  Fun and extraordinary!

The pre-requisite for this workshop is the Soul Retrieval Workshop.

2019 NEW!!! Clearing Ancestral Energies – Pre-requisite Shamanic Dream Workshop

Advanced ‘Soul Regroup’   –  Death and Beyond Workshop  tbc 2019

The pre-requisite for this is the Soul Retrieval Workshop

The workshop explores death and the ‘inter’ and ‘after’ worlds from a shamanic view, useful for both personal inquiry as well as assisting others at these life stages. Journeying experiences will include mapping of one’s own possible route, resolving unfinished business and psychopomp work in guiding others to transition with ease. Pre-requisite is Soul Retrieval Workshop.

Shamanic Divination and Nature Spirits Workshop – tbc 2019

An introductory workshop to the shamanic worlds. Shamanic divination techniques portray in poetry and metaphor messages from the natural world regarding your inner questing. Playful, yet profoundly relevant information is accessible for guidance for oneself and others. Journeying will take you to the Lower World for a power animal retrieval, the Upper World for celestial experience and the Middle World for divination and nature spirit communications.  Listen up and enjoy nature’s messages in synchronicity and wisdom.

Deepen your connection to Nature’s wisdom by receiving direction from the hidden realms. When acknowledging the voices of the nature spirits, they respond with distinct navigational signs for one’s own journey. Shamanic journeying techniques give access to visionary sources, teaching us to flow with nature’s cycles and listen for earth’s heartbeat as we walk our sacred path.

Soul Retrieval Workshop 2019 tbc 2019

Feedback from the Soul Retrieval Workshop: “I have attended both workshops with Pauline and can highly recommend them. The wonderful revelation of both these workshops is that anyone who is called to venture into the shamanic worlds can do so. The experiences can be ones of joy or ones of healing, and they are certainly very deep learning events. Pauline supported us throughout the day with her knowledge, her learning, her passion and her humour. I always felt safe and nurtured whilst in her classes and can highly recommend them”. JH.

This day workshop delves deep into experiencing the shamanic worlds, with the intention of becoming more fully ourselves to express our true creativity. Engage with helping spirits to journey to recover lost soul portions, return the soul’s light to experience vitality and powerfull-ness. A positive side-effect may be to find that now other chosen therapeutic treatments prove more effective, as to heal we must be in our bodies.