Workshops are held with a maximum of 6 participants. Starting at 9.30 am -3.30 pm, the cost is $135, early bird $120 if paid 1 month prior.  The venue is The Lotus Yoga Centre in Paraparaumu.  Use the Appointments page on this site to register, or email Pauline  For Terms and Conditions please scroll down..   

Healing Ancestral Lines Sunday May 7th 2023  FULLY BOOKED

A day spent in accessing the realms of your wise and well ancestors to bring healing and transformation for the living and deceased.  

Bring healing gifts into the present from past generations, while seeking healing for those recently passed if in need.  Unravelling the past from the present – when the pain of repeated patterns doesn’t fit with your own personal life experience and points to ancestral pain – calling for compassionate, non- judgmental healing and release.  Shifts may reverberate from the personal, through familial to cultural as past harm is held in the container of compassion and sensitivity.

Trickster and Shadow – keys to transformation Sunday 25th June 2023  3 PLACES LEFT

When trickster shows up, watch out! Life is calling out for change, trickster turns things on their head, and creates laughter in the absurdity of the melee. When we don’t heed the nudges and the signs – life springs trickster magic to get us to listen up. How to be with ourselves gently, to get honest with ourselves – hopefully avoiding inconveniences that deter us from the route to our unfolding destiny.

Using shamanic journeying, the day explores trickster archetypes, and unearths shadow at play – those blind spots bumped into time and again while continually denying they even exist. Exploring via dreams and stories the trickster animals and shadow creatures that speak to us from deep and even hidden inner recesses….A surprise package of personal hidden gems to integrate and  bring to life.

Healing Heart – advanced – previous/ongoing shamanic journeying experience essential – Sunday July 30th 2023        FULLY BOOKED           

Shamanic healing is spiritual heart based healing, when we heal ourselves and others to be fully themselves, the ripples of spiritual well being manifest in our physical lives, in our community and the planet. If it is our responsibility to live a spiritual life, then shamanic awareness teaches us to respond with compassion in all situations.

The day is an opportunity to slow down, breathe deep and exhale. A retreat from middle world activity, to journey gently for healing and insight. Connecting to other ways of knowing, listening in; with awareness brought to self- care – cleansing and vitalising rituals to clear and ground.  An opportunity also to develop distance healing as a group, a fascinating exercise in the connectivity of  group journey work, where overlaps confirm and extend capabilities.  Fun and extraordinary!

Soul Retrieval -Prerequisite is Dream, Adventure, or Trickster- Sunday August 27th 2023 – 5 PLACES LEFT

This day of experiencing Soul Retrieval delves deep into experiencing the shamanic worlds, with the intention of becoming more fully ourselves to express our true creativity. Engage with helping spirits to journey to recover lost soul portions, return the soul’s light to experience vitality and powerfull-ness. A positive side-effect may be to find that now other chosen therapeutic treatments prove more effective, as to heal we must be in our bodies.

A feeling of incompleteness, disconnection, and being out of one’s body may be an indicator for a beneficial Soul Retrieval.  I personally have found this aspect of the journey work to be deeply fulfilling, seeing the results in client’s flower as they resource with their lost parts who return with play and creativity that left at the time of ‘flight”.

Soul loss may occur as a survival response to a traumatic event, where the choice is made to ‘leave’ the physical situation to avoid remaining with the pain and horror of what is occurring.  This may result however in the part that has split off remaining ‘away’.  Soul retrieval, where the dissociated aspect of self is ritually returned in a journey session is a profound method of integration.  Often once soul parts have been returned others follow; a period of welcome and realignment is asked for in subsequent weeks to ensure the continuation of restoration and healing.

Common signs of soul loss are feeling dis-spirited, empty, lacking energy, low self-esteem, and addictive behaviours.  Trauma including accidents, operations, grief , (includes shame and humiliation ) and redundancy could be triggers for a soul part to leave for its survival. The day offers a supportive environment to journey to retrieve soul parts, gaining experience to be confident to continue as needed for further self- healing.

Feedback from the Soul Retrieval “I have attended both workshops with Pauline and can highly recommend them. The wonderful revelation of both these workshops is that anyone who is called to venture into the shamanic worlds can do so. The experiences can be ones of joy or ones of healing, and they are certainly very deep learning events. Pauline supported us throughout the day with her knowledge, her learning, her passion and her humour. I always felt safe and nurtured whilst in her classes and can highly recommend them”. JH.

Shamanic Divination and Nature Spirits Sunday October 15th 2023  3 PLACES LEFT

Shamanic divination techniques portray in poetry and metaphor messages from the natural world regarding your inner questing. Playful, yet profoundly relevant information is accessible for guidance for oneself and others. Journeying will take you to the Lower World for a power animal retrieval, the Upper World for celestial experience and the Middle World for divination and nature spirit communications.  Merge with an element, communicate with the spirit of a plant medicine …listen up and enjoy nature’s messages in synchronicity and wisdom.

Deepen your connection to Nature’s wisdom by receiving direction from the hidden realms. When acknowledging the voices of the nature spirits, they respond with distinct navigational signs for one’s own journey. Shamanic journeying techniques give access to visionary sources, teaching us to flow with nature’s cycles and listen for earth’s heartbeat as we walk our sacred path.

The Shamanic Worlds; a Call to Adventure 

 “The call to adventure signifies that destiny has summoned the hero….” Joseph Campbell.   Like a phone that keeps ringing, it will keep on until you finally answer the call.

An introductory and  playful exploration of the shamanic worlds via the portals of classic fairy tales.  The day is based on the structure of Joseph Campbell’s “Hero’s (and heroine’s) journey.  Follow the white rabbit  to the timeless worlds of  power animals and spirit guides. We negotiate the smooth and rough terrain of the heroic pathway. Stepping through the portals of childhood stories –  where magic happens, meeting allies to guide and light the way. Discover parts of oneself previously hidden, avoided or perhaps lost.  Dialogue with characters that show up in new ways – spellcasters, monsters, giants and the little folk; shining light on hidden aspects of self,  that when listened to enhance and teach in unexpected ways. To return renewed like the phoenix, with an elixir of insights to quench us for the way forward..

Brave up and drop in to source deeper meanings to illuminate one’s path. Using repetitive drumming to enter a light trance state, and so enable safe connection with the Inner and Otherworlds.

A kaleidoscope of portals of discovery to enhance one’s natural intuitive “bent” and develop skills to access the worlds of inner guidance available. Inviting communication with one’s most compassionate helping spirits to receive wisdom and bring healing, an opportunity to dip your toes in, and open up to other ways of knowing within. 

Healing Ancestral  Lines II –  group and /or individual work ongoing…

For those who attended an Ancestral I learning or have been working with me in 1-1 sessions healing ancestral legacies… to consolidate, check in, encourage, the completing of the healing work – these relationships are ongoing and regular tending brings the blessings.

Aiming at attending to where each is at in the work – some may be still working on individual lines, others exploring the gifts they bring, perhaps the elemental or plant energies of each line. This work expands out wide, really beautifully to show our relationship with so much more than our human ancestors.

Shadows and Shady Dreaming – tbc  Previous shamanic journey experience is a pre-requisite.  

A deep exploration into shadow work, via the portal of dreams; with compassion to our tricky, shapeshifting shadowy figures. Archetypes of victim, saboteur and addict (think distracting away from life’s essentials) are to be befriended so we may step into the potent  / potentials these times are calling us to walk.

Honing clear vision, those blind spots we turn away from in our dreams, ignoring them as meaningless because they appear nonsensical. Too trifling to pay attention to, when it is those enigmatic images that often hold true gems. If you think you have your dream figured out, then you most likely have missed its point. Sitting in the shadows,  what stands out as unusual draws the gaze in – portraying depth and perspective unnoticed previously, continually calling for awareness unearthing shunned emotions or hidden talents. Dream work  creates confidence to look under ego’s defences to find where the true message lies.

The day will include a shadow retrieval and integration – a deep dive into healing those parts we have buried, covered up / over or exiled

Shamanic Dream Portals – Introductory and fun!  tbc

Experience shamanic journeying and the multi-dimensional worlds of shamanic “dreamtime.”  A day spent exploring the elusive language of our dreams. We will be using shamanic techniques to communicate directly with your individual dream symbols, identifying their essential message and bringing their creative energy into consciousness. Journeying will take you to the Lower World for a power animal retrieval, the Upper World for guidance and the Middle World for dream re-entry. Emphasis is given to creating sacred space, maintaining protective boundaries to ensure your journeying is held compassionately and securely. Raise your spirits and spend the day learning new ways to access your deeper sources of inner wisdom.

Dreams guide us to re-connect with soul, to confront illness and heal, to transform our demons into allies and bring our shadows into the light of day. Our spiritual traditions teach us to heed the significance and insight transmitted through dreams. Shamanic journeying to the dream source empowers the dreamer to be their own shaman – to reveal the dream’s message, offering solutions to then decide on an appropriate course of action. Dreams are Psyche’s gifts,  when listened to they respond with profound teachings, guiding us to live our wisest knowing. The experience of the shamanic journey is an easy to learn tool allowing a deepening of connection to self and spirit, to then feel free to ‘try this at home’.

Feedback from the Dream : “I have experienced such a sense of freedom, re-connection and well-being within myself since the workshop with you. It feels like there’s been a deep fundamental shift that I can’t understand or put into words except to say whereas I felt I was being drowned by the wave before, now I feel I’m riding the wave again.” HW

Embodiment and Boundaries –  tbc

Crucial in accessing spirit guidance (and in daily living) is the setting of personal boundaries to ensure one’s space is clear of any non-beneficial energy. Tools to clear, remove and maintain adequate protection are essential in relating with the otherworlds. To disentangle and clear any attachments that negatively impact on one’s well being is a necessary prelude to healing and ancestral work. Exploring these realms necessitates clear focus and intent, enhancing intuitive perception and ongoing discernment of safe practice. Shamanic journeying to one’s mystical heart of the matter to clear personal and ancestral residues brings insight and lightness of being

The day further invites you to explore personal approaches to death and the ‘inter’ and ‘after’ worlds as transitional stages of being. Shamanic journeying experiences will include attending to any unfinished business, so the journey ahead when it arises may continue well in the spirit of healing intended.

Learning to access your wise and compassionate spirits is crucial to bring in spirit protection. With spirit permission, experience in psychopomp journey work as a skill to guide others to transition with ease, brings the worlds close with heart, and sometimes ache to be never forgotten…    “Death is a drawing together of two worlds, not an end. We are the bridge.” Carl Jung

Terms & conditions: Withdrawals etc.

If a workshop is cancelled, your exchange is returned in full. Not, however, if you cancel within 3 weeks of the date due to room hire and admin costs, or if you fail to show up or leave early. Transferring to another day in the same year is possible if 3 weeks notification is given. A minimum number is required for the day to go ahead.