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Published articles and Case studies

Book review: Orchids in Homeopathy in Homeopathy 4 Everyone, March 2020  https://hpathy.com/book-reviews/orchids-in-homeopathy-by-louis-klein-is-reviewed-by-pauline-wilson/

“A chronic cough..” in Homeopathy 4 Everyone, January 2015. http://hpathy.com/clinical-cases/a-chronic-cough-of-27-years/

“Mantis Religiosa – Cosmic Transformer” in http://www.interhomeopathy.org March 2010

“Squashed into a Mould ” A Homarus case, in Homoeopathy NewZ, September 2010, p 8-10

” Python Case” in Homoeopathy NewZ , October 2009, p1-6

 Book Review

“The Child’s World” by Linda Johnston in Spectrum of Homeopathy 02/2011 Elements of Life.